The Chronic Identity Crisis of Pamplemousse

Pamplemousse the grapefruit is upset. And lonely.

His mouse neighbours aren’t very friendly unless he’s crying sweet juicy tears and what makes it worse is he can’t squeeze through their mousehole to try to get to know them. Will he ever find someone who likes him just as he is?

Join us for the heartening tale of Pamplemousse’s identity crisis, set against evocative and playful music by local composer Greg Caffrey. The opera will be performed by the young talents of the NI Opera Studio and the Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble.

Suitable for children 7+
Duration: 30 minutes

Free music and craft workshop for children and parents for 1 hour before each performance: please confirm with your chosen venue that you would like to attend.

School groups and teachers: contact us for extra resources at

16 – 22 June 2019

Tour Dates

  • Sunday 16th June, 3 p.m.
  • Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast
  • Price: £5 children, £7 adults
  • Book Online
  • Monday 17th June, 11 a.m.
  • Sean Hollywood Centre, Newry
  • Price: £5 children, £7 adults
  • Book Online
  • Tuesday 18th June, 11 a.m.
  • The Ardhowen, Enniskillen
  • Price: £5 children, £7 adults
  • Book Online

  • Wednesday 19th June, 11 a.m.
  • Strule Arts Centre, Omagh
  • Price: £5 children, £7 adults
  • Book Online
  • Friday 21st June, 11 a.m.
  • Market Place Theatre, Armagh
  • Price: £5 children, £7 adults
  • Book Online
  • Saturday 22nd June, 3 p.m.
  • The Playhouse, Derry/Londonderry
  • Price: £5 children, £7 adults
  • Book Online

Rigoletto - Grand Opera House, Belfast


Rigoletto opens in The Grand Opera House on the 30th September and I am thrilled to be on stage with the finest international opera singers. If you are ‘Up North’ the performances run from 30th September – 6th October.

About the event

On Sunday 30th September, TGOH, Belfast will celebrate the opening of #Rigoletto with a sparkling Charity Gala performance in support of #Inspire and the #NIHospice. The dress code is elegant and premium tickets will include admission to a post-show champagne and supper reception. Check out full details in this month’s Ulster Tatler.
Tickets available from The Grand Opera House, Belfast.

Behind the Scenes of NI Opera's Rigoletto

In Classical Connection with John Toal, John Toal chats to conductor Gareth Hancock, John Porter who plays Borsa, and director Walter Sutcliffe. You can listen to the whole interview on BBC Radio.

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